La Vallée des Saints

The Valley of the Saints which is no more than 10 minutes drive from Toul ar Roudou, is a relatively new project to eventually create 1000 Breton Saints out of local granite stone. All of the saints face the direction from where they originally came. The sculptors can usually be seen working on new sculptures as each piece, as a condition, must to be created on site within 1 month, however they have recently started to work on collaborative projects. The 100th sculpture, St. Piran (the patron saint of Cornwall), was created in Cornwall and sent to Brittany on a sailing ship. He went on a tour of Brittany before arriving at La Vallée des Saints. There was a weekend of celebrations, with a spectacular firework display. It is worth checking on the website for future events at the venue. The project is fast gaining popular appeal. There is now a brand new, state of the art visitors centre with an excellent café and gift shop which sells local produce. On a clear day, from the bronze age fort on top of a hill, one has possibly the most spectacular 360′ views across the Breton landscape (excluding the Vitalec factory in Carnoët!)

Link to the Tourisme Bretagne website.

Link the dedicated website for La Vallée des Saints (in French)

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 09.58.21Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 09.58.43



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