Chateau de Trévarez

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For those interested in french history, and in particular the second world war, Chateau de Trévarez is a must. Awarded France’s ’20th Century Heritage’ label, Trèvarez was the last chateau to be built in France. During the war it was taken over by the Nazis and eventually bombed by the RAF. It remains a spectacular monument of late neo-gothic 19th century architecture, and commands breath-taking views over the valley of the River Aulne. Visitors are able to tour the chateau which has been left as it was after being bombed by the RAF. It is advised to borrow one of their interactive iPads that shows the chateau in it’s former glory. You can also view an art exhibition in the old stable block and stroll around the impressive grounds. There is also a very nice café and gift shop.
Once a year, in July, they hold a jazz festival with live music in the grounds.

Click here for more information on the brittany Tourism Website.IMG_7725


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