About & Practical Information

Welcome to Toul ar Roudou – we very much hope that you have a very happy holiday; please do not hesitate to contact either of us if you have any questions/problems. We live c. 15 mins away in Duault and are more than happy to come over at anytime should you need.

Mary Greenacre – 00 44 7826 856056 (mobile)
00 33 296 35 44 45

John Ridgway – 00 44 7961 794319 (mobile)
00 33 296 35 44 45


Recycling – Organic waste can go in theĀ compost caddy – a small white box with a lid which can be found in the kitchen (bio-degradable bags for thisĀ purpose are in the kitchen drawer). Once full this can be emptied on the compost heap halfway up the garden on the right hand side. General waste in the black bin bags can be left and we will deal with this at the end of your stay. Paper, glass and most plastics go in the green bin. There are recycling bins dotted about the area which it can be taken to for emptying. However, It makes like much easier if the paper, glass and plastic can be separated before you leave, should you wish us to dispose of this.

Gas – There’s a spare gas cylinder in the woodshed should you need it. Instructions for changing the cylinder are attached to the fitting under the kitchen sink (it’s very easy!).
If you do need to change it, please let us know at some point so that we can ensure there’s always a spare one in stock.

Hot Water – The hot water is on a timer switch just above the washing machine. It’s currently set to 2 hrs a day (morning & evening) which we have always found more than sufficient.

Electricity – The mains switch, should you for any conceivable reason need it, is the large blue switch to the bottom right of the mains panel in the woodshed.

The fuse box is in the corner of the living room, above the television.

Television – Both French television & English satellite (most channels & radio) are available. Those of you with teenage children will probably have a far better understanding of how it all works than we do.
There is a selection of DVDs & CDs in the drawer under the television.

Wi-Fi/Internet – The rather long & tiresome password for the Internet is on the back of the Orange instruction manual – apologies for not making it easier, but this is a technical bridge too far for us at present.

Games/Jig-saws – There’s a selection of board games, jig-saws & a badminton set in the bench under the stairs.

‘Justin’ – Should Alain & Marcelline, the farmers opposite, be at home (they rarely are) they will probably have their Alsatian – Justin – with them. Please note that he is a working dog and whilst perfectly safe & very well controlled he is trained to react to ‘strangers’. Please DO NOT attempt to pet him or stroke him; he might come over & have a look at you, but just ignore him. Alain always has him under excellent control. Once he’s got used to you being there (usually about 10 mins) he’ll get bored and wander off.


The main supermarkets – Le Clercs, Intermarche & Lidl – are in Carhaix. They are usually open Monday – Saturday 8:00 – 19:00 and Sunday 8:30 – 12:00 (with the exception of Lidl)

There are also a Casino & Netto supermarkets, but we have always found these profoundly depressing & suspect the staff interfere with the foodstuffs whilst nobody’s looking.

Le Clerc & Intermarche also have cash point machines, photocopying facilities & a photo booth and 24/7 petrol stations.

Carhaix also has the larger stores such as Decathlon (sports) & DIY stores, garden centres, etc.

There’s a useful general store in Poullaouen behind the Notaire’s office. Like many of the smaller shops, opening hours can be rather erratic but you’re usually safe in the morning (good bread!).

There’s also a smaller general Proxi shop in Carnoet which ‘claims’ to be open 08:00 – 20:00, however don’t count on it, but the lady is very friendly.


Carhaix: Monday – Friday 9:00 – 17:00 (closed for lunch 12:15 -13:30)

Poullaouen: Monday – Friday 09:00 – 12:00 (closed Saturday)

Carnoet: Monday – Friday 13:20 – 16:00

Thursday 09:15 – 12:35 & 13:20 – 16:00


The big supermarkets in Carhaix all have 24/7 petrol stations &, as in the UK, are cheaper than the independent garages


Carhaix : Rue Brizeux, Carhaix



Most cafes & restaurants are dog-friendly, though just occasionally you might have to sit outside.

Many of the busier Breton holiday beaches restrict access to dogs May – September. The animal charity 30 millions d’amis has a web site for dog-friendly beaches in the area:



Almost everything one could possibly need to know about cycling in the area, including bike hire, guides, repair shops, etc:



There are numerous cafes & bars & restaurants in the area & we’re sure you’ll find something suitable. The following are some of our favourites in the local area.

Le Relais de Diane
1, Sentier du Petit Train, Le Frostel, 29270 Plounevezel.
(No website)
In the small village/hamlet of Le Frostel, half way between Toul ar Roudou & Carhaix. It has a very good reputation & whilst I have only ever drunk beer in there, the restaurant looks excellent. It is also on the disused railway line (now a footpath/cycle path) which runs between Carhaix & Morlaix.

Les Fous
English-run bar with its own micro-brewery on site. Very friendly owners and open-mic music on the last Sunday of the month. Only downside is that they no longer serve food. Nice garden with a couple of donkeys to look at, if that floats your boat.

Le Ty Korn
2 Rue Principale, 22160 Carnoet
Very popular with locals (especially at lunch time) & close to The Valley of the Saints in the centre of Carnoet.

Le George Zinc
In the central square of Carhaix & probably the nicest bar in the town with a vaguely sporting (though not oppressively so) angle. Very friendly staff. Terrace outside overlooks the singing statue of 3 old Breton women (who I suspect are really men).

L’Autre Rive
Restidiou Vraz, 29260 Berrien
A bit further afield but definitely worth visiting, situated in the forest of the Chaos at Huelgoat. It’s a cafe, bar, restaurant (traditional Breton food), book shop, gallery…Frequently has concerts, poetry recitals & talks by artists, etc. Probably our personal favourite in the area.


http://www.brittanytourism.fr – Official site for Brittany Tourist Board

http://www.angloinfo.com/brittany – Aimed at ex-pats but useful for practical advice with a directory of local services and a ‘what’s on’ section.

http://www.huelgoat-carhaix-tourisme.com – More tourist information for the area.


SOS (all services – English speaking) – 112 (recommended when using a mobile; they wil re-direct you to the appropriate service)

Medical help (SAMU) – 15

Police – 17

Fire & accident (Sapeurs-Pompiers) – 18

SOS (all services – hearing assisted) – 114